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Jason Stephenson

Jason Stephenson is the founder of Relax Me Online Australia Pty Ltd and has been involved in the meditation / relaxation music field for the past 15 years.


His YouTube Meditation Sleep Music Channel has grown to over 1,000,000 subscribers.

The importance of meditation came to Jason in his 30’s, when he entered troubled times in his life, both on a physical and mental level.

Jason says, “I got off on the wrong side of life and got involved in the abuse of drugs and alcohol – a total abuse on all levels to my body, mind and spirit. I relied on meditation and affirmations at this time to get me through some of the darkest days of my life.”


“Meditation and affirmations became a daily ritual to help change my health and mindset, and I went from being a total wreck, to having the strength to help others from their darker days.”

It was time for Jason to give back to the world. Jason went on to release over 150 meditation and relaxation music albums on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify to help children, teens and adults believe in themselves and live more fully in the moment.


Loot Bryon Smith


I believe the words that we say to ourselves and/or listen too no matter where they come from are affirmations that directly impact our lives. Be aware of, your self talk, the conversations you have, music you listen too, information you read and listen too, media, news…etc. I am inspired to create positive affirmation, inspirational, motivational, spiritual, self empowerment, uplifting music that is intended to help you reach toward your higher self.

3E-Enlightened Empowered Evolved YouTube Channel


Vivienne Cardin

I have been working as a medium for the last several years and my areas of expertise are platform reading and one to one readings. I  have built up a reputation for my honesty to spirit, clients and my accuracy in readings. My ethos is that the many aspects of Mediumship can aid healing both spiritual and physical.  I love working as a conduit for spirit as I feel we never stop gaining knowledge and learning about our loved ones in spirit. I am also a member of D & B Truthseekers Paranormal and I participate with investigations on paranormal activity and house clearances. I am also a founding member of the SUN, Spiritual Unfoldment Network, where once a month people come together to share spiritual and holistic experiences.

Vivienne’s Fackbook Page


James Duignam

James Duignam is a Health Coach, Reiki and BKP Kinesiology practitioner, and the author of, Soular Return, Soulutions for Body, Mind and Soul, and, Why Meditation Works: A Glimpse Inside Your Mind and Brain. James helps people take a holistic approach to their health, by making healthy food and lifestyle choices, and supporting their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.  And his mission is to educate and share information with people to get them healthy, naturally.


Renaissance To Well-Being

“Rebirth Your Health“

(p)  646-296-1669





Author of “Soular Return”, “Soulutions For, Body, Mind And Soul”, and “Why Meditation Works: A Glimpse Inside Your Mind And Brain, available on Amazon.


Michael Zuccato

Michael is wonderful photographer who chases the light with a patient and keen eye.  He does live videos on Facebook on his page where you can see beautiful sunrises, sunsets and the moon rising.  You can witness in real time, the serene tides crashing & surf as never seen before, as Michael likes to spend a lot of his time photographing and videoing at the beach.  He touches peoples hearts, uplifts their spirits, makes people smile everyday and shows us the wonder and beauty that exists in this amazing Universe that you would not otherwise get to see from this amazing photographers view point and sharp, focused eye.

Follow him on Facebook at Michael Zuccato Facebook

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