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Manifesting Mastery TESTIMONIALS

 I want to thank you for taking me under your wing, first with the Self Love workshop and then the Manifesting Mastery Academy. I can’t remember how I stumbled onto your Facebook page but I am so thankful I did. I had been following Abraham for about six months before you entered my life. Your concise, easy to understand version of his teachings (and your lovely accent) made things much easier for me to understand.

 The change in my life has been remarkable. I had decided 2020 was the year for my self-improvement. I started with your Self Love workshop, I thought I was ok but you gave me food for thought and I realized many areas of my life needed improvement. I am happy to say, my life is much happier and more fulfilled now,  after acting on your advice. I overdosed in the early days, on your teachings and interviews on Facebook and YouTube. It laid a good foundation for me to join your Manifesting Mastery Academy. Now that our 3 months are almost up, I want to thank you for putting this course together. I looked forward to every weekly lesson, and I loved doing the tasks. It was so exciting  when things started manifesting. As you know the Unicorn was a challenge for me but when he finally manifested, I understood more clearly on how this all works. Before this, it had all been theory but practical experience is the best way to learn. Many of the tools were new to me. I am forever grateful to you and Paul for being in my life and I will continue to watch and follow your advice, it helps to keep me on my high flying disk 


 Many thanks and Lots of Love,


Hi! My name is JoAnn Kovaly, and I am here to highly recommend Allie O’Shea’s Manifesting Mastery Academy!


Prior to finding HER on my Face Book page.. I saw other ads for Coaches who were offering HOW to Manifest programs.. but I found Allie’s personal story very compelling.. and honest.   I was also inspired by the fact that SHE is living what SHE is teaching.. which shows how much personal integrity she posesses.


The program was very easy to follow.. and fun as well as challenging me to up my skills at manifesting.   Although I am not new to learning about the topic of the Law of Attraction.. I was excited to learn many techniques previously unknown to me before signing up for this course.


During one of the weeks when the lesson encouraged me to manifest $10,000 .. I was able to do so.. almost instantly and felt very encouraged that my manifesting skill set were up-leveling.. and I am now setting much bigger goals and dreaming bigger dreams for myself


Although I am almost at the end of this particular course.. I am sure that in the near future.. I will be willing to sign up for future courses should Allie offer them.


Overall.. I highly recommend anyone interested in this topic to hive this program a GO

I’m so grateful to Allie for her manifesting mastery academy, for the last few months I have felt a bit stuck in a rut and didn’t really know which direction I was to go in, I’ve finally found clarity and know where I want to be and what I want to now do with my life and Allie has given me all the tools in which to create that life and I am forever thankful to her for that.

Arianna xx

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