One of the many Negative Emotions we feel.

“Anytime you see someone else living something that you know is in your vortex that you also know for whatever reason, you are not fully allowing it for yourself, it is completely logical that you would feel the discord of that.  You have desire that is being amplified by someone else’s accomplishment of it – that is exactly what Jealousy is.  Jealousy is – your awareness that in this moment, you are not allowing yourself to have something that you want and this experience over there is what’s highlighting it.” Abraham Hicks.

Jealousy is just an amplified awareness of something wanted while you are standing in a place of believing that either you don’t have it or that you can’t maintain it.  The only thing that can make that feeling go away is security and security is alignment and your alignment has nothing to do with anyone else only you.  You are the one responsible for your alignment and no one else.  It is something that is yours and that you achieve alone.

What should you do?

What should you do? Well, Abraham says just understanding it is enough, not having to figure out what to do about it, just understanding it.  You have to deal with your own discord, period.  It’s not about what anybody else is doing and it’s not really about what you are doing or not doing, it’s purely about your own discord.  So, as you become aware of this and realize this is the case, as you start to dampen down that discord, your vibration will rise and then inspiration about what to do will come.

So, remember any time you feel any type of negative emotion whether it’s jealousy or something else, it is simply an indication that what you want and where you are, are not of the same vibrational frequency.  Once you are aware of it, you can intend to do something about it, but it does not include changing the behaviour of others.  It should only include you finding something or someway of focusing on this eventually in a way that you can find alignment.

It’s really none of your business!

What anyone else is doing should really be none of your business and certainly when it comes to putting the Law of Attraction into action and practicing it, you shouldn’t be worried if someone else is achieving, especially if it’s something you desire to achieve also, we all achieve in divine timing according to our vibrational offering.  There is more than enough of everything to go around in this world, there is more than enough money, more than enough food, more than enough of the same sort of career etc.  I know myself for one, am very happy for my friends when they achieve a certain goal and I always let them know that I am very happy for them because I am and want them to know that I celebrate with them too, after all their happiness makes me feel good.  We should all be supportive of our friends and one another and praise them and let them know they have done a good job, instead of being jealous.  We shouldn’t hold that feeling of competitiveness to close to ourselves, it ends up making us feel that discord and not feeling good about ourselves.


Getting yourself into alignment is really the only thing you need to worry about.  Once you get happy and get into alignment – then everything else will fall into place, I for one am living proof of that!  I taught myself over the years how to get happy and be in the now and how to get myself into alignment which I value as a precious gift.  As a result of many years of learning and investing in myself, I am a qualified Law of Attraction Practitioner and I teach people how to get into alignment and how to stay steady in alignment on my workshops.  There are 4  modules, which when completed, give you all the tools you need to accomplish this if what I teach is of course put into practice by you.  It is how I overcame 25 years of Depression, Medication and Suicidal thoughts.  I can help you too!  What are you waiting for?  I also do One 2 Ones.  To book please go to Shop

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