Take a Nap

I’ve got 99 problems, but I’m going to take a nap and ignore them all!

You may have seen that I posted this on Facebook yesterday! I think this is pure genius! However, some people may look at this and say, as one person actually did, but when you wake up, the problems will still be there!

The thing is this, I am a Law of Attraction Practitioner and I follow closely the teachings of Abraham Hicks and I agree with them that when you take a nap or go to sleep, you stop thought and therefore all resistance. It is the same when you meditate and quiet your mind, you stop all thought and therefore all resistance. Doing either of these practices is a really good thing because it gets you out of the cycle of negative thinking when you are focusing on just 1 or even worse 99 problems! It is like pressing a reset button. You are the one with the choice when you wake up or when you finish your meditation as to what you decide to focus upon.

The other thing is, that when we get into a negative cycle of thinking, no matter what the actual cause of the problem is, by the very powerful Law, the Universal Law of Attraction, it brings more thoughts to you just like that thought. It only takes as little as 17 seconds of pure positive focus on any subject for another thought like the one you have been thinking to join that first thought. Multiply this by 4 and pure focused thought on any subject brings us up to only the 68 second mark and when you have been focused on a thought for only this short amount of time, the Universe starts to bring co-operative components, people, situations, circumstances and events together on the etheric realm to bring you a match of more of what you have been thinking about.

It is in your power to stop this cycle of negative thinking, whether that is to reach for the next best feeling thought, therefore bringing about a little relief or whether it’s to meditate or take a nap. Cycles of negative thinking about problems that we face only create more problems. Worrying does not solve anything as they say, it only takes away tomorrow’s peace!

“We did not come to face reality, we came to create reality,” according to Abraham Hicks. When we are looking around in a state of what – isness, we are focused upon that and attracting more of the same to us. Whatever we are focused upon expands, period.

We usually use our experiences to balance out what sometimes feels like something that is not realistic, especially when facing problems, for example, if you have had a similar problem before and things didn’t work out for you in the way that you hoped or wanted, then you take this experience as ‘proof’ to yourself and others to say, “but I’m just being realistic, that’s what happened before!”

We are so good at translating things through our physical senses, what we can see, taste, touch, smell and hear and those things are very real to us, just like looking at our bank account on the brink of zero, but what about the solution to the problem that is there that you can’t yet see? If you use what you can see as the dominant basis of what you offer vibrationally and what you are seeing is the absence of the solution you desire, then you are offering a vibration of the absence of what you want all day every day because you’re not seeing it.

You start to say things like where is the solution, why hasn’t it come to me yet, how long is it going to take and you can’t understand why the solution to your problems aren’t coming and the reason why is because you are facing reality all day every day instead of creating reality all day every day.

Your attention to anything is causing you to offer a vibration that Law of attraction is responding to, so you’re getting back what you are giving out all day, every day. Most people offer a vibration based upon what they are observing – ‘their reality.’

So, we react to what we see and if we see not enough money, or the solution to our problems aren’t coming, we are reacting to that and offering a vibration that’s keeping that going. If you see something is missing then you are reacting to that and you are practicing the vibration of it not being there.

Even though we were source energy before we came into these physical bodies and the larger part of us remains source energy, we are after all, also so beautifully human, in these physical bodies living these human experiences. This is why it is so vitally important that we start to practice these simple tools that are available to us all, naps, meditation, going within to seek the solutions to our problems that will come from our inner guidance, bringing us back to a place of balance and helping us to reset. After all, every time we experience a problem, we learn a valuable lesson and not only that but we are fine tuning our experiences here on earth, putting that which we would prefer into our vortex of creation or dream box, so that all we have to do is catch up with those new desires and they can then manifest into our reality.

Allie O’Shea – 13th August 2019


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