The Awakening

The Awakening

Are you Expanding and Growing Your Soul

Are you Expanding and Growing your Soul. Are you in Alignment with your Inner Being and Source? Are you on a journey to Awakening and Enlightenment? Are you Ready?

Are you creating Deliberately or by Default? We are creating in every moment of every day, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously. I teach how to get into alignment on my workshops, how to get there and how to stay there, how to be a Deliberate Creator instead of a creator by Default.

Are you taking the steps to ensure that you are on the right path?

If not, why not? What excuses are you making? Do you know the steps you should be taking on your journey? Do you only know a few?

What does Enlightenment mean? ‘Enlightenment.’ Perfectly worded by Deepak Chopra, “Enlightenment means going beyond your ego encapsulated identity and realizing that you are the Universe manifesting through a human nervous system and becoming self aware.”

What does it mean to Awaken? As the Rumi Quote says “The door is wide & open, don’t go back to sleep.” It is an awareness. You become an observer and you start to question all your beliefs, you become aware of your Emotional Guidance System and start to notice how you really feel surrounding everything. You start to understand your emotions and realize they are there for a reason. Life lessons become easier. We realize that things are always working out for us.

However, you must continue to feed the Awakened state, which is continuing to grow, continuing to learn, continuing to process, question your beliefs, question things others tell you, do your research, expand your soul & feed it.

2018 – This year is going to be Phenomenal

It is 2018 and what a year this is going to be!!! So many people are awakening and being called to their Path and Enlightenment. Their Souls are thirsty and they want more. They want to be in alignment with their Inner Being and with Source. It’s so exciting because we literally AREstanding on the leading edge,’ as Abraham Hicks says. It is such a wonderful time to be alive and to be co-creating in this spectacular Universe with such beautiful Souls and Beings who are ready for this! ‘They are ready to be ready to be ready,’ as Abraham says. I for one am so excited to be alive in this time/space/reality, it’s mind blowing all the things we can and will achieve especially through conscious co-creating and collective consciousness.

When you work towards something greater than yourself, you find meaning, you find purpose. Do you want to inspire others, help to change the world, raise the vibrations of the planet, like I do? Ideas become clearer as you work on them, so take that step, take that leap and get started.

Prepare yourself vibrationally, that’s your work. Everything as we know is Energy, so to be ‘vibrationally ready’ is the key. The best way to prepare yourself vibrationally is to Appreciate ‘what is’ and to acknowledge the perfection of your surroundings and circumstances. Abraham says we should say things like “I’m in the right place at the right time, things are unfolding just right for me and I know I’ll know it when I see it & I don’t want it to be presented to me before I’m ready to see it, so I’m in the process of getting ready to see it and things are always working out for me.”

When you are satisfied with where you are and eager for more that is the perfect vibrational stance. Once you are in that satisfied state of being, you are in the receiving mode and then you can begin to receive more inspiration and more things will start to materialize and manifest into your reality.

Continued Expansion of your Soul

Continued Expansion of your Soul is so important. Work on yourself every day. Do the work that feeds your soul, things like:


Loving Unconditionally

Raising your Vibration

Gratitude & Appreciation



Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind


Paying attention to your Emotional Guidance System

Protecting your Energy Field


Working on your Worthiness

Having a Soul Tribe