You’ve Got the Power

Are you dreaming of the success that you want in your life that hasn’t happened yet? We all have dreams and

hopes and wishes for that ‘magical’ life that people talk of. We see other successful people all around us and

wonder what they are doing differently to manifest their goals and dreams. What has enabled them to do so? I believe there are a few key factors, but I’m going to tell you what I think one of the pieces of the jigsaw that I

believe other people have solved that make them so successful and the leaders at the top of their ‘game!’

Self-Sabotaging/Limiting Beliefs

Firstly, a belief is a repetitive thought that you have been thinking over and over again. You have the

power within you to change that belief by engraining new thoughts into your sub-conscious mind.I personally

think that people who are extremely successful have conquered any of their limiting beliefs they may have

had & hence are knocking it out of the park in all or most areas of their lives.

As children, up to the age of 7 years old, our brains are in theta mode, downloading information without being aware of what we are downloading. We take on beliefs from our parents/siblings/teachers or other influential people in our lives. We also form beliefs from experiences that we have had in the past and the

sensation that those experiences create within our bodies.

There are lots of limiting beliefs, for example, Money doesn’t grow on trees, I’m not worthy, I’m not beautiful,

I’ll never be successful, I can’t do that, the list goes on! If a long-standing thought tells you that you can’t do it, or that something can’t be done, that belief is a limiting belief and it should be unlearned. The more you hold on to these beliefs, the more ingrained they become in your sub-conscious mind and the more negativity will show up in your life. They become like a set-internal programme in your sub-conscious mind.

95% of our lives are run from the sub-conscious mind. It forms our habits and we are creatures of habit, so

when you try to deviate from these beliefs, your brain picks up on that and it is virtually impossible to

implement change for any long-lasting time or success without first changing your internal programming.

Finding out what is holding you back So how do we reset our sub-conscious mind? Firstly, you have to know what your limiting beliefs are, so look at the key areas in your life that they may be hiding in, such as money, career, relationships, self-image, health. If you are not sure where your self-limiting beliefs are, there are methods for finding out such as the Sway Test, which is a muscle test that is like a phone line to the sub-conscious mind where you can get answers by stating true and negative statements to see what rings true for you! You can also use a pendulum for this. It takes a little bit of practice, but there are many you tube videos on the topic.

Resetting your Sub-Conscious for great results

Once you have found where your self-limiting beliefs are, you can go about resetting your internal programme. Repetition is key. It takes a minimum of 21 days for a new belief to become engrained.

Get clear and be specific about the goal you are wishing to attain or achieve in your life. Visualize your

life by using creative visualizations on a daily basis, as if these things were already in your life. Imagine that

they are yours and attach emotions to the pictures you are seeing in your mind’s eye. Cut out anything that is

not in harmony with your desired goal, release the chord surrounding any negativity on that topic. Stop

watching the news or any television programmes which may be in opposition to your goal.

Record yourself saying short positive affirmations in the present tense that are in harmony with your desired

outcome. For example, if one of your limiting beliefs was surrounding money you might choose affirmations

such as:

I have an abundance of money flowing to me

I am prosperous

I am a money magnet

Or, if your limiting beliefs were surrounding your body, you may choose affirmations such as:

I am beautiful

I am valuable

I am enough

Whatever affirmations you choose, the best time to re-programme the sub-conscious mind is when the two

hemispheres of your brain are in synch with each other, just as you are drifting off to sleep at night, when you are passing from the conscious mind into deep sleep, using earphones for best effect.

Gratitude & Appreciation

I also believe that Gratitude & Appreciation hold people back from attaining their dreams. If we are not grateful for the things we already have in our lives and appreciate them, it makes it difficult for new things to

show up in our lives. We all have so much to be grateful for and appreciative of, so take 5 minutes out

of your day and make some gratitude/appreciation lists. This will show the Universe that you are thankful for all that you have and will harness the Powers of the Universe to send even more wonderful things to be

thankful for.

Blog by Allie O'Shea