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The Return to ME 

 A Self-Love Journey

Rose Pose

Love yourself in 21 days The Return to ME 

A Self-Love Journey


Tapping into love of self is what allows you to open doors to infinite possibilities. Everything you have created in your outside world is a reflection of what is going on with you internally.

To live a happy life, that includes healthy relationships, and achieving all of the wonderful things that your heart desires, you must not look outside of yourself, it does not exist externally.  It is all right there inside.

So, if you are having a tough time fully accepting and loving yourself because of past circumstances or feeling worthless because you feel nothing you do is ever going to be or is enough, then the world around you is going to reflect the same back to you. When self-love is missing, it manifests into negative actions and emotions like insecurity, feelings of lacking, and unhealthy comparison to others.

Self-Love/Self-Worth & Self-Acceptance on the other hand, is the catalyst to rocking your outside world in a totally awesome way.

Imagine being able to completely accept yourself, including all of your flaws and past mistakes.  We are all here on this planet and we are all equal.  We all make mistakes and through those mistakes we learn, expand and grow.

Would you like to be super confident in your abilities and gifts?  Would you like to love yourself from the inside-out, not caring about what anyone else says or thinks about you? 

“When things change inside you, things around you change.”

I believe that one of the core ‘keys’ to life and living the life you desire is a deeper understanding of what self-love is and how to practice it on a daily basis.

Every person deserves to feel loved and worthy and YOU are NO exception.

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Are you ready to do the deep inner work on you, for you?  Are you ready to go on this journey and find yourself in this ‘return to me – a self-love journey bootcamp?’

The details:  The Return to ME – a Self-Love journey is a 100% online program that you can participate in from anywhere in the world.

Part email series, part Facebook community group, part interactive workbook where you will go really deep asking yourself those questions you may never have thought of before to return to yourself and find who you really are and what your deepest desires and more truly are.

With your purchase:

You will receive an email every day for 21 days with an insightful message, leading you towards a life of self-love.

Instant access to a downloadable pdf each day for 21 days with a task  and or deep meaningful questions about who you really are and what you want from life (ones you have probably never even thought of).

Separate weekly tasks through intention setting alongside some action steps.

An invite to a private Facebook group with other like-minded people who are also on this journey where you can share insights, stories and interact with each other over the exercises/tasks given.

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21 Day Program Starts 1st of each month

Your program will start on the 1st of the month following your purchase so if you order mid month you will receive the emails on the 1st of the following month.

Bonus workshop will be sent upon receipt of payment so you can start to enjoy it without delay. We will send you your copy of "I AM" and Self Love Affirmations on a follow up email.

*FREE Bonuses*

Downloadable versions of my ‘I Am’ meditation & also my ‘Self -love affirmations’ both include music.

My Manifesting & Decluttering online program/workshop.

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