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I am an International Law of Attraction Practitioner, a Writer, Healer, Coach & Inspirational Speaker

I have helped 1000's of people worldwide & continue to help people to understand their ability to create their own reality and to manifest wonderful things into their life through my Live Teachings, Meditations, Affirmations & Workshops, Seminars, Interviews & Retreats

Connecting with me on Social Networks is a great way to access some of my content and also get to be part of the wider pool of like minded people.

Below you can find links to my Facebook, YouTube and more. 


My Personal Facebook Page

If you would like to connect with me on Facebook this link will take you to my personal profile. Feel free to connect.

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Positive Minds

on Facebook

Here you can request to join my free group Positive Minds. This will help you by adding some much needed positivity to your Facebook feed


Expansive Souls on Facebook

You can find my Facebook Business page here. This is where you will see updates, event information and much more.

Meditation by the Sea

Allie O'Shea on YouTube

My YouTube channel is full of great content and free to follow. You can find all sorts of meditations, affirmations, interviews and talks.

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I am also here on Instagram

If Instagram is for you you can find me there also. Just click on the link above or below to connect.


If you love Pinterest Check my Pins

If you are anything like me you will love Pinterest. Once again to see my Pins just click above or below to find me there.

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